Sunday, June 8, 2014

Zoo Atlanta and the Cyclorama

On Spring Break, we met Brin, Mer Mer, Gigi and Papack for a fun day at the zoo!

The lions were my favorite of the day.  Here is the daddy lion lying around on his rock.  When we saw him, I thought, "Well just like the lions always are.  Laying around doing nothing."

We walked over to see the meerkats across the way, and all of a sudden, heard a huge roar!  We ran back over to the lion habitat to see this:

The momma lion and her cubs had come out to play.  It was like the daddy was letting everyone know to look at his pride!  They wrestled and played for a long time.  It was really fun to see the lion family acting like regular families.

It was pretty chilly the morning we were there.  Andrew hopped in this bird's nest and pretended to be a freezing chick!

We had a really good viewing of the gorillas too.

 It's hard to see because of the reflection, but there is a gorilla leaning against the glass next to Andrew eating his breakfast.

We found a kind of warm tent to eat our picnic in.

After the train, it was time for Brin's nap, so they left for home.  We stayed and visited the Cyclorama.  It had been a long time since Brent and I had been, and the boys had never seen it.  Andrew loved it.  Here he is with the uniforms of the Confederacy and the Union.

The boys loved seeing The General.  We later watched "The Great Locomotive Chase."

It was a great field trip!

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