Thursday, June 5, 2014

Halloween 2013

 When it's time to discuss costumes, it is always a challenge with Coleman.  He will talk about one idea for a week, then change, then change again, then change back to the first thing, and then usually land on something totally different on October 30.  It can be a little nervewracking for this momma who likes to have it all planned out.  So last year was no different.  We have a bunch of costumes in this house so I told the boys they needed to wear something we already had.  Coleman could not decide.  Finally, about two days before Halloween, he decided nothing would do if he could not be Frankenstein.  Well, we didn't have a Frankenstein costume, but thanks to Pinterest, we found a great idea.  Here he is making his head.

Brent and the boys made our jack-o-lantern the night before Halloween.

Jonathan was a cute cowboy.

This pose about killed me when he did it.

These are a little out of order, but I was a party mom for his class.  We made spider canvases and had fun snacks.

And here they are ready to hit the streets for candy!  We had a soldier, a cowboy, and Frankenstein.

Then, a few days later, we had our friends come for a Halloween party.

We played some really fun games this time.  They had to be the first to eat all the way through their donut with no hands.  It was hilarious.

We pinned the spider on the web.

And we did pumpkin bowling.

Finally, they turned a daddy into a mummy.

We decorated cookies for dessert.  It was a super fun party with our friends.

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