Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Party

Sunday afternoon, the grands and great-grands came over to finish off the celebration of Coleman's third birthday. He was very excited to have everyone there! Gigi and Papack, Granny and Grandaddy, and Nana and Pop-O all came for supper, cake, and presents. Andrew and Granny were both feeling a bit under the weather, so we didn't get many people pictures this time. I think we will institute a pictures first policy from here on out. So when you arrive for a function at our home from now on, don't be surprised if I snap your picture as you come in the door.

Here are Coleman and Nana. He asked her to show him his cake, and then gave us his super cheesy smile that he has perfected.

We had one of his favorite suppers: hot dogs, Doritos (fire chips), pasta salad (birthday noodles), and baked beans. Then we served an ocean cake and Blue Bell homemade vanilla.

being silly with Pop-O

After everyone ate cake, we said it was time to open presents. Coleman disappeared. We found him up on our bed with all the gifts, trying to bring two of them into the living room. We helped him carry his pile to the couch and he and Brent started opening them. I didn't get a picture of him opening his dvd from Granny and Grandaddy. They gave us a second copy of Veggie Tales "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything." We have literally worn out our first copy from watching it so much.
Uncle Chris, Aunt Margie and the cousins sent a new floor puzzle. He looked around after he opened it and said, "Thank you Uncle Chris and Aunt Margie and Amelia, Lily and Nolan!"
Aunt Mer Mer and Uncle Roger heard that he loved that lollipop drum at music camp, so they sent him his very own. It was a big hit, in every way!

Then he opened Nana and Pop-O's gift.

It was a pirate costume! He did not take it off Sunday night until it was bathtime. Then, when his pajamas were on, he put the costume right on top of them. That costume spent the night in the floor by his bed, and he met me at 6:45 the next morning coming into the kitchen, dragging it to put it on again.

One more gift from Gigi and Papack. It's a blower just like Daddy's!

This is how he has looked most of this week. Pirate sword in one hand. Blower in the other. Big, huge smile across his face.

It was a fun celebration for such a sweet yahoo.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pool Party

Saturday we invited Coleman's friends to help celebrate his birthday with a pool party. We had a lot of fun, and great weather for the party. We were the only people at the pool for the entire party! I know Coleman had a great time, and I think his friends did too.

We decorated the cabana area in an ocean theme. Coleman loves all things ocean right now, so he was really excited to see the decorations when he arrived at the party. He had helped make the jellyfish earlier in the week, but the other decorations were a surprise that morning.

We made a submarine, the USS Coleman, out of cardboard and let each child have their picture made in it during the party.

Oddly enough, I only got two pictures of them actually swimming. This was the easiest party we have ever thrown. They showed up, swam, ate, opened gifts, and went home good and exhausted. It was perfect for a three year old!

We served pizza, goldfish, grapes, and cupcakes.

Gigi and Papack came to stay with the boys while Brent and I set up the party. Then, they kept Jonathan at home so he could finish his morning nap. When he woke up, they got him dressed and brought him down to the pool.

I think we ate cupcakes before we opened gifts, but I don't really want to rearrange all the pictures. So here are the pictures of eating the cake. This is Coleman and his sweet friend Luke while everyone was singing.

Two wild and crazy guys! Andrew and Paul had a good time together!

I'll post about his family, and final three year old, party tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coleman's Day

Yesterday Coleman celebrated all day long! He woke up to a special breakfast on the red plate. He picked pancakes, so his was in the shape of his new number 3. He was excited to see his balloons on his chair and the chandelier when he woke up.

After breakfast, he opened his birthday shirt, got dressed, and went to school. Jonathan and I took cupcakes for the class at lunchtime.

Here's Coleman passing out the plates to his friends. He specially requested a party hat to wear, and he didn't take it off until I got ready to leave.

Smiling while Ms. Christel sang Happy Birthday to him.

He picked tacos for his birthday supper, and was very excited at the decorated table.

We'll have two cakes this weekend at his parties, so we just ate the rest of the cupcakes and ice cream for dessert last night.
Coleman chose chocolate cupcakes with blue icing and Cars character toppers. While we sang to him, he sang right along. It was too cute!

Everytime we asked him what his favorite part of the day was, he said, "Cupcakes!"

An impromptu arm wrestling session broke out after the cupcakes were finished.

The boys got their baths, and then Coleman opened his presents from us. With a little help from Andrew. They both were excited about the two new books Coleman got. One is a DK book on Tractors, and the other is about Mega Trucks. He slept with them last night, and asked for them as soon as he woke up this morning. Made his mommy so very happy!
He also got a mini John Deere. Both boys were really excited!
And they each got a Buzz Blaster!

When I tucked Coleman in last night, I gave him one more squeeze and said, "Happy Birthday Birthday Boy!" He squeezed me back and said, "Happy Birthday Birthday Lady!"

Monday, August 23, 2010


Coleman Joe is three years old today! We have had such a sweet start to his celebration. When he woke up this morning and came in the kitchen, I picked him up and told him, "Happy Birthday Coleman!" He hugged me back and said, "Happy Birthday Mommy!" Then I asked him how old he was today. He said, "Two. I mean, three!" We have been talking all weekend about his birthday and helping him practice holding up three fingers. The big boy has school this morning, so off we went after a birthday breakfast. Jonathan and I are taking cupcakes to his class in a bit. We'll celebrate tonight with more presents, and then his friend party is Saturday followed by a family party on Sunday. Here's a quick look back at Coleman on his birthdays.

2007, as Brent says, "right out of the chute"

2008, 1 year old
2009, 2 years old

2010, 3 years old

Friday, August 20, 2010

Overheard: Edition Andrew's Oneliners

Coleman and Andrew were playing on the driveway one afternoon. Andrew is getting into the police car and says, "Go ahead Coleman. I'm coming right behind you. I'll be there in a gypsy."

I brought home some Krispy Kreme donuts one Saturday morning. When I placed them on the table, Andrew reached for one and said, "Come to popeye!"

The day I made the video of Jonathan laughing at Coleman in the exersaucer, I showed it to Brent when he got home. Andrew walked up and watched it for the first time with us. When it ended and we all stopped laughing, he said, "Now that's something you don't see everyday!"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Jitterbuggy

We got out our Jitterbuggy a few days ago for Jonathan to play with. He was thrilled!

He spun around and around looking at everything and mashing as many buttons as he could.

The next two pictures are just shocking and were completely unexpected.

Who would have guessed that the big yahoos would want a turn in the jitterbuggy?!

And here are those two when they were the littlest yahoos playing in the jitterbuggy.