Friday, August 6, 2010

Lake Winfield Scott

Our Sunday School class has several families who really enjoy camping. We planned a weekend at Lake Winfield Scott for all of us to go camping together. This was our first attempt at roughing it with kids. Overall, it went pretty well, but it was a ton of work. We think we'll stick to cabins while they are small, and try tenting again when everyone is old enough to help and be more independent.

Brent and Andrew headed out on Friday afternoon with a truckload of supplies. Andrew was super excited! They got to the campsite, set up the tent, and had a cookout with the class. Here's a picture of Andrew in his "camping bag" getting ready to go to sleep.

It took until almost 11:30 for him to settle down and stop asking questions. There was also the "I think I have to go to the bathroom" series of interruptions. Coleman, Jonathan and I slept well at home and then loaded up breakfast for everyone and arrived around 7:30. It was cool and overcast all morning, so it was fairly pleasant outside. Jonathan got passed around from mommy to mommy most of the day. Here he is with Tina, and Amy and baby James.

Andrew and Coleman had a ton of fun being outside and playing with the other kids.

Jonathan missed his morning nap for the first time ever, and did incredibly well. He played, laughed, and hung in there like he was a big kid too.

Around 10, we headed over to the lake for everyone to swim. There was a great shady spot behind the beach where the mommies spread out with James and Jonathan. The daddies and yahoos enjoyed the brisk mountain lake.

I know. This picture looks like surely someone's head was busted, but they were both fine. I think it was just the angle of the camera.

One of the other dads brought his kayak. Andrew and Coleman each got a ride, but I only got pictures of Andrew.

Saturday was Brent's birthday, so after our picnic lunch, we all had cookie cake and sang "Happy Birthday."

It started raining pretty hard right after lunch, so Jonathan, Coleman and I packed up and came back home. I was sad to realize that I had left with the camera, so Brent didn't get to make anymore pictures. Saturday evening, they went back to the lake and had a cookout at the pavilion. They had grilled chicken, vegetable hobo packets, and s'mores for dessert.
Saturday night in the tent Brent was asking Andrew about the day and trying to talk to him about what his favorite part of camping was. Brent said that after a few minutes, Andrew said, "Daddy, let's not talk anymore. Let's just go to sleep." Worn slap out, I believe is the phrase. That's a pretty good indicator of how much fun he had on his first campout!


wes said...

I love camping! Yes - it is indeed a lot of work. Wes and I are both missing it. We haven't been in 2-3 years due to pregnancies, newborns and bad weather. We were scheduled to go 2 months ago and then we had fevers break out the day before. Can't wait to try again this fall.

Tina said...

The above comment was actually Tina and not Wes.