Monday, August 16, 2010

Day One

Today was the first day of school for Coleman and Andrew. They were both very excited this morning. They woke up just before seven and came in the kitchen together. Andrew was talking away, and Coleman looked a little shell shocked. Hair sticking up everywhere, wide eyed and bitsy still in his mouth. I'm not sure he woke up on his own today. I think Andrew didn't want his little brother to miss a minute of his first day of school.

The morning went very smoothly, and we were out the door a little early. The boys had picked out new shirts to wear, and had their lunches and backpacks. When we got to school, we all four walked in together. Coleman's class has to be walked in and picked up inside, so we probably won't do the carpool line this year. When we got inside, Andrew started down the hall to his room without even telling me goodbye! I called Mr. Independent right back to me and reminded him to give me a kiss. He said, "I guess I was just a runaway boy!" And then he turned and walked to his class. Coleman, Jonthan and I walked to Cole's class next. He went right in, took Ms. Christel her muffin, and didn't look back. No tears from anyone!

When I picked them up, you could quickly tell they had had a fun day. They made some new friends, and Andrew played with some of his friends from last year. They even saw each other in the hall on the way to and from the playground. Andrew said Coleman was doing a great job walking in line, and that they gave each other a hug. I guess that's a pretty good start to the year.

Here they are this morning on the doorstep before we left.

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Erin said...

So cute! First-day-of-school photos are always a must! :)