Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Hopeless Case

So yesterday morning after breakfast, I heard Coleman hollering. I went to find out what was the matter and came upon this:

He is stuck in the hole of the chair. Can't get out either way. Normally, I don't make pictures of my children in messes like this. (And believe me, there are plenty of opportunities around here!) However, Andrew absolutely cracked me up with his commentary on the situation. I was asking Coleman if he could get out by himself, and trying to tell him to back up the way he came in. He didn't understand what I meant and started crying again. Andrew said, "Well Coleman. I guess you're just stuck there forever. Next time you'll know not to do that again." Trying very hard not to bust out laughing, I snapped a quick picture. Then I proceeded to unstick my yahoo. As I was pulling him through, Andrew said, "Okay Mommy. Use those muscles and pull really hard. You can do it!" What in the world did we do before they were here to entertain us?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

"Misser Jon Jon"

That's what Coleman calls Jonathan most of the time. "Misser Jon Jon". Brent and I call him Mister Jon Jon a lot too. Or just Jon Jon. He had his four month check up today and it went great! He's a little smaller than we'd like, so we're putting him on an intense eating plan! His strength, muscle tone, and developmental milestones all looked great. He is still a super happy baby and smiled all the way until he got that first shot. Then he cried just a little bit. I picked him up and he stopped immediately, but he pouted out his little lip for a long time. Pitiful! Here are some pictures of what he's been up to lately.

Tummy Time - He is much better at tummy time than his brothers were. He doesn't spit up when he's on his tummy like they did. But, now that he's started rolling over, he doesn't stay on his tummy for long!

He still loves his bouncy seat and can really get that thing going!

And he's liking his Bumbo seat!

This was his first time in the "language center" as Nana dubbed it. Andrew and Coleman have had fun playing with it again too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playing in the Dirt Again

There used to be an old Pike Nurseries commercial with a catchy little song about playing in the dirt. I find that song running through my head a LOT these days. After supper, the yahoos love to go play in the dirt around our yard. When their play is over, they go straight to the bathtub.

Monday, April 19, 2010

First Swim

Our neighborhood pool is heated in April and May, so we went one afternoon last week to check it out. Brent and the boys got in while Jonathan and I watched. They had a blast!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday

I thought it would be fun to see the pictures of Andrew and Coleman eating their rice cereal for the first time.

Andrew wasn't too sure about the whole thing.

This was the first picture we made of him where he wasn't completely happy. He looks rather disgusted. We mix the cereal with formula, but a few times we ran out of formula and just used water. Gigi asked me why didn't I just grind up the box next time and feed that to him for all the taste it must have had. Andrew looks like he agrees.

Here he seems to have finally given up protesting and is resigned to the fact that his parents have lost their minds.

Coleman wasn't too crazy about rice cereal either. His forehead is rubbed from the little helmet he used to wear. Bless his heart.

Some days it's tough being a baby.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Running of the Bulls

Okay, so it wasn't really the running of the bulls, but it was a bullfight of sorts. After supper one night recently, the yahoos and their daddy took turns being matadors and bulls. Andrew found the cover to their play tunnel and decided it looked like a matador's cape. So they set up in the keeping room to reenact a bullfight. You can see in the pictures how they are holding up their "horns." Brent also showed them how to scratch with their foot like a bull, and how to snort. They did it over and over and over. It was hilarious!

Andrew the Bull

Toro Coleman having a blast
Daddy's turn to be the bull while Andrew was the matador

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kite Flying

One evening last week it was windy enough to fly a kite at Horseshoe Park. The boys had picked a Spiderman kite that day and were super excited. The wind was good, but not great, so Brent spent a good deal of time running so the kite would stay aloft. The yahoos thought it was great fun and loved running after the kite. Andrew was able to hold the string and fly it for a bit too.

getting set up - Brent is telling Andrew how to hold the kite and wait for him to say "Let go!"

waiting on the wind

the first time it got really high

I love Andrew's face. He was so excited the kite was working!

There is lots of waiting when the wind isn't constant.

Brent holding the kite so Andrew can fly it.

His smile didn't show up in the picture, but it was about a mile wide.

Coleman had a lot of fun chasing the tail while they were trying to get the kite in the air.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rice Cereal

Jonathan got to try rice cereal on Thursday! He did much better with it than his brothers did their first time! He didn't especially like it, but he didn't gag either. He's already eating a whole tablespoon of cereal mixed with formula at supper. We'll gradually increase that over the next few weeks until he's eating three "meals" a day. Now when he sees the spoon coming, he opens his mouth and kicks his feet. I think we have a big eater on our hands!