Thursday, April 8, 2010


Our Easter was very laid back this year. We got up, ate breakfast, dressed and went to church. When we got home the boys did their Easter baskets and then played outside until lunch was ready. We didn't attempt a family of five pic this time. The best picture of the three yahoos together is on Sunday's post. Here are the rest of the pictures that turned out well enough to post.

This is going to be one of my all time favorite pictures of Coleman Joe.

And this one of Andrew.

getting their Easter baskets - I was able to find Jonathan one like his brothers' on ebay!

I love how Andrew is showing Jonathan whatever it is they're looking at, and how interested Jonathan looks!

The yahoos got bubble guns in their baskets. Here they are playing with them before lunch. Our neighbor came over to play for a few minutes too.

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Tina said...

Great pictures and I especially love picture #8.