Monday, November 30, 2009

Loose Ends

We are tying up lots of loose ends around here in anticipation of Jonathan's arrival this week. I thought I'd share a few random pics from the last few months that haven't really needed a post all by themselves.

I don't remember why we got out the sleeping bags one afternoon, but I think it may have been during all those rainy days we had earlier this fall. The boys had so much fun "camping out" in the living room floor for several days.

Here are some shots of Andrew with a few of his preschool artifacts from this fall.

a t-shirt they painted

a suitcase from their transportation unit

One morning Andrew did a storytime for Coleman. They loved this book from the library. It was about a group of children who pretend to be firefighters.

We made some of our Thanksgiving table decorations last week. A friend made a version of these little turkeys and posted it on her blog. We had a lot of fun making them, and snacking on the different components: marshmallows, raisins, fruit loops and candy corn.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We enjoyed our last Thanksgiving as a family of four. Brent's parents, grandparents, and cousin were able to join us for dinner yesterday. Andrew and Coleman love having their family close enough for short visits, and it really makes the holidays special. Here are some pictures from yesterday. Somehow, we didn't get many people pictures. We have got to do better at Christmas!

While we waited on dinner, we snacked a little on wassail, pinecone cheeseball and crackers.

Three years ago, Brent decided to try Alton Brown's brined, roasted turkey recipe. He has earned himself the official title of Permanent Turkey Cooker. It always turns out great, never dry and always perfectly done. Here is Brent with this year's bird. Looks like it could be in a Norman Rockwell illustration.

I kept the tables simpler this year. Last year Andrew ate one of the cranberries from the centerpiece. You can see Coleman is ready to feast!

Here's our spread: Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, Robbie's awesome gravy,

sweet potatoes, vegetable casserole, green beans, rolls, and the relish/pickle tray.

Desserts: Pecan, apple and pumpkin pies with prailine sauce.

A few years ago, Momma gave me some pie crust cutters. I love to use them on my pecan pies and I think they really turn out pretty. Super easy too!

Andrew and Coleman decided to try pecan pie. Andrew misunderstood what we were saying, and started calling it "Cob Pie". He really liked his cob pie. Coleman is not such a huge sweets fan, but he gave it a good go. And thanks to Gigi for our turkey shirts!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby Update and Nursery Pics

I had my appointment with the doctor this morning. We went ahead and scheduled an induction for December 3rd. So, at the latest, that's when we should meet Jonathan. He's growing just like he's supposed to, and his heartbeat is good and strong.

We have finished his room, so I thought I'd share some pictures. It's a circus theme from Pottery Barn Kids. The room isn't all decked out like a big top or anything, but I did use the wall prints that match the bedding.

All of the boys have Bible verses over their beds. Jonathan's verse is from 1 Thessalonians 3:19 - How can we thank God enough for you?

a close up of the inside of the bumper pads

Gigi has been busy with her sewing machine getting ready for Jonathan Jackson! She monogrammed a sweet layette for him. Most of it he'll wear home from the hospital with his daygown.

She also made these really cute burp cloths.

And she made Andrew and Coleman Christmas shirts that match these bibs for Jonathan.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Handy Helpers

A few weeks ago, Brent and the boys put together Jonathan's dresser. They were both big helpers, and so excited to get to work on a project with Daddy! You'll see Andrew has taken to wearing his safety gear whenever tools are involved.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Southern Living Idea House

Saturday afternoon, Brent and I visited the Southern Living Idea House in Dahlonega. This was my third attempt at going, so I was very excited to finally get to see it! The boys were with Nana and Pop-O for the weekend, so we had a nice date that afternoon. After we went to the house, we ate at The Smith House in Dahlonega. Then we finished a little Christmas shopping at the outlets. Here are the pictures from the SL house. Warning, there are lots of pics!

The house is in the Achasta neighborhood and is in the craftsman style. It's now decorated for Christmas.

great room

master bedroom

master bath - You would not believe the shower in this place. I felt a little funny taking so many pictures, so I skipped the shower.

This was a really great idea. There is a little "breakfast kitchen" in the master bedroom. It has closet style doors that close and hide everything.

The veranda outside the great room and master suite. We both loved these outdoor living spaces.

the dining room - It's between the kitchen and great rooms with a big pass through window to the kitchen.

The kitchen has electronic doors that open onto the veranda. They completely disappear into the walls, and the bar pulls up to make it an open air kitchen. Might be very handy if the cook were to accidentally "blacken" dinner one night!

the kitchen

gorgeous Viking appliances

This was my favorite space. The laundry/mom's office area. Brent saw it first and came to find me in the pantry. He said, "You have GOT to see this. You will love it." He was right.

the upstairs sitting area/study

downstairs in the children's room

downstairs living room

guest room downstairs - I could not believe wallpaper was in so many of the rooms. I guess it's a coming trend.

the back of the downstairs living room - That man would not move for me to make a picture! I waited and waited and finally walked outside. Then, he went into the next room. When I came back in to make the picture without him, he stepped right back in when I snapped the camera. Good grief!

I know that was a ton of pictures, and they really don't do the house justice. I made a bunch more, but these turned out the best. You can see a professional slide show at the Southern Living website.
Okay, here's a funny story I have to share. After we left, we went to The Smith House. It's a family style restaurant in Dahlonega that is yummy! You sit at big tables with lots of people you don't know and the server brings all the food in bowls. You pass the bowls around and visit with the people at your table while you eat. It's really fun.
So we were seated with two other couples. One couple was from Elijay, and the other from Roswell. The server brought out all the food. Ham, roast beef, fried chicken, fried okra, sweet potatoes, peas, collards, slaw, mashed potatoes, all kinds of good stuff. As we are starting to pass the food, I hear the man from Roswell pick up a dish and say to his date, "I believe this is what they call creamed corn. I think that's what it is." I almost laughed out loud! Instead, I asked him, "So where are you originally from?" He was very nice and laughed and said, "Northern Ohio. So I'm not just a Yankee, I'm a damn Yankee." Everyone laughed at that! He was very nice to talk to and said he did enjoy the creamed corn, and even the collards!