Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shucking Corn

Andrew and Coleman thought this was the most fun thing we did that whole day. They worked really hard and as soon as they finished one ear,they asked to do another.

Monday, June 28, 2010


One morning recently we went to pick blueberries. Gigi and Papack went with us. We took our buckets from strawberry picking, and worked for about an hour to fill them up. We got there around 9:45, but it was already very hot. Jonathan lasted for about 10 minutes, and then Gigi gave him his bottle in the air conditioned car. Coleman made it a little longer, but eventually he and Andrew headed for the cool air as well. Next time, we'll get there around 8 AM and maybe we'll be a little cooler.

Here we are heading out to the bushes!

The berries were really easy to pick, and the bushes were very full. I was a little worried because I couldn't find two blue shirts that I didn't mind ruining with blueberry juice. However, the blueberries were not nearly as messy as strawberries are when we pick them. The boys really did enjoy sampling them right off the bushes!

Gigi picked a few before Jonathan called it quits.

Papack helped me finish filling our buckets after the yahoos gave out. It was really hot by that time. I told him that these blueberries were only going to cost us $1.50 a pound. That's a really good deal, since at the store fresh blueberries are rarely less than $3.99 a pint. He said he could see why they cost that much! They are easy to pick, but there's just not a fast way to pick them.
Here are the yahoos with our finished berry buckets.

We have really enjoyed our berries! That night, we had blueberry pancakes for supper. We've also made a fresh blueberry pie, and some yummy blueberry muffins. Brent likes his on bagels with cream cheese, granola for breakfast, or anything else that will sit still long enough to get eaten. I'm freezing the rest, and doubt I'll have to buy blueberries until next spring. We will definitely be doing this again!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dinner Conversation

Andrew: "Mommy. I think I saw the girl I'm gonna marry at the grocery store."

Mommy: "Really? Well, what is her name?"

Andrew: "Now that is a really good question."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

We had a fun time celebrating our fathers this weekend. The bigger boys helped make part of our gifts this year. We made Cowboy Cookie Canisters for everyone. They painted an empty, clean Pringles can. Then we made cowboy cookies to fill the canister. Sunday morning, they were very excited to give Brent his cookies. Andrew was so proud that they helped paint and make the cookies. Of course, we had to sample one (or six) before breakfast and church.

They also helped Brent open his other gift of a few new casual shirts. Oh wait, Brent isn't in the picture. Well, it looks like they had it covered. I think they did hand him the shirts once the box was opened.

After breakfast, we headed to Morrow Presbyterian for church. To his great surprise (but no one else's), Papack was named MPC Man of the Year. We were so proud of him! His years of quiet, dedicated service to that church and his family were beautifully summed up by our dear friend, Mr. Lukat. It was a very special day.

We ate dinner at Gigi and Papack's and made a few more pictures of the yahoos and Brent and Papack. We didn't get to see Pop-O and Grandaddy, but we sent their cookie canisters to them. Cowboy cookies got great reviews this year, so they will be a repeat for sure!
We were actually able to get a couple of pretty good pictures this time.

And then there's this one. A little more "yahooish" you could say.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mouths of Babes

So tonight Andrew was laying down to go to sleep, and asked me to lay down with him for "just a few minutes". Of course I did. We were snuggling pretty close together and he asked me to move over a little. So I did. And he promptly scooted himself right back up to me. Then he asked me to move over a little more. I told him I couldn't because I'd fall off if I did. He said, "Mommy. Little guys like me sometimes get close to the edge of the bed, but we don't fall off because the Lord Almighty holds me in His hands." Amen.

Edited to add: About 45 minutes later, Brent and I were talking. We hear a HUGE commotion from the yahoos' room. Sounded like the ceiling fell in. We run down the hall, open the door and flip on the light. Everything from the dresser top is in the floor. Coleman is laying flat on his back in his bed with the covers pulled up over his head. Andrew is sitting up in his bed and says, "Well it was definitely NOT me!"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


1 cat
5 cars
2 apartments
3 mortgages
4 ski vacations
9 beach vacations
3 states
2 yard sales
3 careers
1 MAJOR career change
685 call nights
4 sets of china
2 graduate degrees
21 pounds of baby boys
5 Christmas stockings
72 moonlighting shifts
5110 goodnight kisses
1 awesome God who gave us all this and more in only 14 years.

Happy Anniversary Brent! I love you to the moon and back!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Boy!

Just a quick picture of Jon Jon today. He's loving his exersaucer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aunt Mer Mer Visits the Yahoos

Well, it seems we didn't get as many pictures made as I thought we did. On Monday morning, Gigi and Papack arrived to stay for a few days while Mer Mer was here. We were pretty laid back this visit.

On Monday, we went out to lunch and then had a cookout for supper. Meredith brought several of her recipes from ICE and she fixed baklava - her brother-in-law's favorite! It was very yummy. We all got tickled at Andrew licking his plate after he ate his piece. Tuesday morning, we were treated to eclairs - one of my favorites. Then, we headed to the pool. Gigi kept Jonathan for his morning nap. The water was a little chilly from all the rain, but Andrew and Coleman didn't seem to notice.

We ate lunch after the pool, and then the girls headed out to do a little shopping on the square. That night, we tried out the new spicy chick-fil-a for free, and had banana pudding when we got home. I suppose it is a good thing that Mer Mer and Roger don't come south very often. If they did we would all surely weigh 300 pounds!
Wednesday was our last day with Mer Mer. Here's a picture of her eating breakfast with the yahoos.
We all dressed and headed over to Jaemor for MerMer to get some souvenirs for Roger. I only got one picture of us as we headed into the market. It is such a neat place, and I'm looking forward to getting lots of produce from them this summer.

After Jaemor, we stopped off at Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch. Mer Mer went home with Gigi and Papack for Wednesday night and then back to NJ on Thursday. We had so much fun with her! Mer Mer, next time, the yahoos would like for you to stay a lot longer, and bring Uncle Roger with you. We love you!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthday Fun

May 30th was my birthday, and we had fun celebrating for several days! At breakfast that morning, the boys gave me my birthday present. They brought me a dwarf gardenia bush. I potted it and it is sitting next to our garden tub. It's full of buds, so in a few days, I'll have a heavenly smelling bedroom and bathroom! Brent combined my Mother's Day and birthday gifts and gave me the cushions and umbrella I wanted for our deck furniture. We are all really enjoying them!

That morning we had planned to go to church, but Coleman and Jonathan were both sick and running fevers, so we stayed home. Then, I went to a shower for a PC friend who is expecting her first yahoo. On the way, I got my favorite lunch, a BLT from Sonic and a cherry coke with extra cherry. Yum!! The shower was for Cathy, and it was given by her housemates from PC, which included. . .

Aunt Mer Mer!! So yay for a great birthday with my favorite sister! She came home from Decatur with me that night and Brent cooked us an awesome steak from Green's Grocery. They have the absolute best meats I have ever bought. Their ribeye has become our "go to" special occasion dinner. We had baked potatoes, salad, rolls, and a carrot cake from Green's for dessert. It was a fabulous birthday supper. Here are a couple of pictures from that night.

I'll share the rest of Aunt Mer Mer's visit tomorrow.

Friday, June 4, 2010

National Donut Day

Today is National Donut Day! The yahoos and I celebrated by heading to our favorite donut place, Krispy Kreme. They are giving away free donuts to all their walk-in customers. We had donuts and milk, looked through the big glass window, and brought some home to share with Daddy tonight. Here are the pictures.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Six Months Old

Today Jonathan is six months old! I can not believe that in this many more months, we'll be posting birthday pictures!!

Jon Jon is still our sweet, smiley boy. He loves his mobile in his bed, and is a great sleeper. When he wakes up, he just waits patiently for someone to come get him. Usually, we walk in and he's wide awake, just smiling and ready to get up and go.

He loves Andrew and Coleman, and watches them very closely when they're around. He talks to them and laughs at their antics. He's a good eater, and only dislikes bananas so far. But boy, he can't stand them! He loves his bouncy seat, and got to get in the exersaucer last week. He likes it, but only until he gets spun around by a yahoo. Then he's pretty ready to get out and do something else. He still loves to be read to, and is trying to turn the pages of the books. He's close to sitting on his own, but not quite there yet.

Here are some pictures we made this morning.

He leaned forward and sat up for just a few seconds. Looks like he was pretty proud of himself!

What a flurt!