Monday, June 28, 2010


One morning recently we went to pick blueberries. Gigi and Papack went with us. We took our buckets from strawberry picking, and worked for about an hour to fill them up. We got there around 9:45, but it was already very hot. Jonathan lasted for about 10 minutes, and then Gigi gave him his bottle in the air conditioned car. Coleman made it a little longer, but eventually he and Andrew headed for the cool air as well. Next time, we'll get there around 8 AM and maybe we'll be a little cooler.

Here we are heading out to the bushes!

The berries were really easy to pick, and the bushes were very full. I was a little worried because I couldn't find two blue shirts that I didn't mind ruining with blueberry juice. However, the blueberries were not nearly as messy as strawberries are when we pick them. The boys really did enjoy sampling them right off the bushes!

Gigi picked a few before Jonathan called it quits.

Papack helped me finish filling our buckets after the yahoos gave out. It was really hot by that time. I told him that these blueberries were only going to cost us $1.50 a pound. That's a really good deal, since at the store fresh blueberries are rarely less than $3.99 a pint. He said he could see why they cost that much! They are easy to pick, but there's just not a fast way to pick them.
Here are the yahoos with our finished berry buckets.

We have really enjoyed our berries! That night, we had blueberry pancakes for supper. We've also made a fresh blueberry pie, and some yummy blueberry muffins. Brent likes his on bagels with cream cheese, granola for breakfast, or anything else that will sit still long enough to get eaten. I'm freezing the rest, and doubt I'll have to buy blueberries until next spring. We will definitely be doing this again!