Tuesday, June 15, 2010


1 cat
5 cars
2 apartments
3 mortgages
4 ski vacations
9 beach vacations
3 states
2 yard sales
3 careers
1 MAJOR career change
685 call nights
4 sets of china
2 graduate degrees
21 pounds of baby boys
5 Christmas stockings
72 moonlighting shifts
5110 goodnight kisses
1 awesome God who gave us all this and more in only 14 years.

Happy Anniversary Brent! I love you to the moon and back!


Meredith said...

Very sweet! I think that maybe you need a footnote to the "1 cat" line letting everyone know the number of lives he's gone through!

Tina said...

Is George STILL alive?

Happy anniversary!!

Paige said...

Yes Tina. George is STILL with us. He's used about 8.5 of his allotted lives, so not sure how many more anniversaries he'll celebrate with us. ;)