Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mouths of Babes

So tonight Andrew was laying down to go to sleep, and asked me to lay down with him for "just a few minutes". Of course I did. We were snuggling pretty close together and he asked me to move over a little. So I did. And he promptly scooted himself right back up to me. Then he asked me to move over a little more. I told him I couldn't because I'd fall off if I did. He said, "Mommy. Little guys like me sometimes get close to the edge of the bed, but we don't fall off because the Lord Almighty holds me in His hands." Amen.

Edited to add: About 45 minutes later, Brent and I were talking. We hear a HUGE commotion from the yahoos' room. Sounded like the ceiling fell in. We run down the hall, open the door and flip on the light. Everything from the dresser top is in the floor. Coleman is laying flat on his back in his bed with the covers pulled up over his head. Andrew is sitting up in his bed and says, "Well it was definitely NOT me!"

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