Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aunt Mer Mer Visits the Yahoos

Well, it seems we didn't get as many pictures made as I thought we did. On Monday morning, Gigi and Papack arrived to stay for a few days while Mer Mer was here. We were pretty laid back this visit.

On Monday, we went out to lunch and then had a cookout for supper. Meredith brought several of her recipes from ICE and she fixed baklava - her brother-in-law's favorite! It was very yummy. We all got tickled at Andrew licking his plate after he ate his piece. Tuesday morning, we were treated to eclairs - one of my favorites. Then, we headed to the pool. Gigi kept Jonathan for his morning nap. The water was a little chilly from all the rain, but Andrew and Coleman didn't seem to notice.

We ate lunch after the pool, and then the girls headed out to do a little shopping on the square. That night, we tried out the new spicy chick-fil-a for free, and had banana pudding when we got home. I suppose it is a good thing that Mer Mer and Roger don't come south very often. If they did we would all surely weigh 300 pounds!
Wednesday was our last day with Mer Mer. Here's a picture of her eating breakfast with the yahoos.
We all dressed and headed over to Jaemor for MerMer to get some souvenirs for Roger. I only got one picture of us as we headed into the market. It is such a neat place, and I'm looking forward to getting lots of produce from them this summer.

After Jaemor, we stopped off at Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch. Mer Mer went home with Gigi and Papack for Wednesday night and then back to NJ on Thursday. We had so much fun with her! Mer Mer, next time, the yahoos would like for you to stay a lot longer, and bring Uncle Roger with you. We love you!

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