Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

We had a fun time celebrating our fathers this weekend. The bigger boys helped make part of our gifts this year. We made Cowboy Cookie Canisters for everyone. They painted an empty, clean Pringles can. Then we made cowboy cookies to fill the canister. Sunday morning, they were very excited to give Brent his cookies. Andrew was so proud that they helped paint and make the cookies. Of course, we had to sample one (or six) before breakfast and church.

They also helped Brent open his other gift of a few new casual shirts. Oh wait, Brent isn't in the picture. Well, it looks like they had it covered. I think they did hand him the shirts once the box was opened.

After breakfast, we headed to Morrow Presbyterian for church. To his great surprise (but no one else's), Papack was named MPC Man of the Year. We were so proud of him! His years of quiet, dedicated service to that church and his family were beautifully summed up by our dear friend, Mr. Lukat. It was a very special day.

We ate dinner at Gigi and Papack's and made a few more pictures of the yahoos and Brent and Papack. We didn't get to see Pop-O and Grandaddy, but we sent their cookie canisters to them. Cowboy cookies got great reviews this year, so they will be a repeat for sure!
We were actually able to get a couple of pretty good pictures this time.

And then there's this one. A little more "yahooish" you could say.

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