Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Hopeless Case

So yesterday morning after breakfast, I heard Coleman hollering. I went to find out what was the matter and came upon this:

He is stuck in the hole of the chair. Can't get out either way. Normally, I don't make pictures of my children in messes like this. (And believe me, there are plenty of opportunities around here!) However, Andrew absolutely cracked me up with his commentary on the situation. I was asking Coleman if he could get out by himself, and trying to tell him to back up the way he came in. He didn't understand what I meant and started crying again. Andrew said, "Well Coleman. I guess you're just stuck there forever. Next time you'll know not to do that again." Trying very hard not to bust out laughing, I snapped a quick picture. Then I proceeded to unstick my yahoo. As I was pulling him through, Andrew said, "Okay Mommy. Use those muscles and pull really hard. You can do it!" What in the world did we do before they were here to entertain us?