Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Five Months Old

Jonathan was quite surprised to learn that he is now five months old!

Yesterday we were recovering from our busy weekend, so I didn't get his picture made. So here is his five month post and pictures. This month we took Jonathan to the aquarium and the Varsity. We watched him roll over and listened to him sing. He started his rice cereal and veggies and is a great eater! He can almost hold his bottle by himself each day, and is spitting up much less than his brothers did at this point - for which we are very thankful!! Andrew and Coleman have taken to calling him "Little Fella" now. Jonathan loves to play with his toys and will reach out and grab them now. He also loves books and being read to and will grab the pages while we read. He is full of smiles and laughs, and especially gets tickled when he is getting undressed. He just laughs and laughs!

Here he is in his first jon-jon. He seems to like it, and it looks pretty cute, too!

Sweet boy, we're so glad you're in our family!