Friday, May 21, 2010

An Early Start

It's only 8:30 am and I'm already posting for the day before I forget this.

Andrew has been pretending to be a policeman this week. Today, Brent heard him come down the hall around 7:15. He was already dressed for the day. He had on shorts, a shirt, one of Brent's ties around his neck, his Mayberry cap which doubles as his police hat, his (water) gun in his holster (pocket) and his sabre (plastic sword). When he's pretending to be a policeman, we call him Officer Andrew. He also likes to be known as the Sherriff. Those episodes of Andy and Barney have made quite an impression.

So when I saw him, I said, "Good morning, Officer Andrew. Glad to see you're protecting me this morning and keeping the peace." He replied, "Yes. I'm keeping the peace. Keeping it a secret from the bad guys."

And so our day begins.