Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

We had a very nice day Sunday celebrating Mother's Day. Andrew and Coleman picked out a gift for me on Saturday afternoon. In this case, it was wise of Brent to wait until the day before to get the gift, because Andrew would never have been able to keep the secret if they had gone earlier! They came in from shopping and Andrew immediately started talking. "Mommy! We got you a surprise for Mother's Day but I'm not going to tell you what it is. Nope. I'm not going to say what it is but it's for Mother's Day and I hope you like it." And on and on and on. It was too cute. Coleman just stood there and smiled and smiled. He was excited too, but he wasn't as verbal as Andrew.

Several more times that afternoon and evening, Andrew would say, "Mommy, you sure are going to like your Mother's Day present." Brent would always remind him not to say anymore and Andrew would reply with, "I know Daddy! I KNOW!" Well. As they were getting ready for their baths, Andrew was again telling me how nice my gift was. Brent got onto him again for talking about it so much. Andrew told him, "DADDY! I didn't tell her about the roses! I just said she's going to like her gift!" Too funny!

Sunday morning, bright and early, we heard little feet coming across the house toward our room. They went to Brent's side of the bed first and said, "Daddy! Can we give Mommy her present now?" So they came over to my side of the bed and told me Happy Mother's Day and gave me a kiss. Then they went upstairs to where they had "hidden" my gift. I got some sweet cards and a little vase filled with roses from our yard. The yahoos picked the vase and the card by themselves. Brent fixed breakfast and we got ready and went to church. After church we went out to lunch, which was a real treat since we never do that! Then we took naps, and Brent cooked hamburgers on the grill for me. It was a really nice day, but we're not through celebrating. Brent is giving me new cushions and an umbrella for our deck furniture. They will be here Friday. Also, on Friday morning we're having our "First Annual Mother's Day Lunch with the Yahoos." Gigi, Grandma, Nana, and Granny are all coming to a nice lunch, which will get its own post.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

This is the gift Andrew made for me at his preschool. He brought it home Thursday and was so proud of it. The inside of the card is an interview in which he answered questions about his mommy. His answers are too funny!

And this was neat. When we got home from church, we had a white dove sitting in our yard. It was very calm and tame. It didn't flinch when we drove past or opened the garage door. However, when Coleman got out of the car, it did fly up to the roof for a bit. We think it must have come from a wedding the day before.

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Tina said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day. I love the chair / plant holder.