Thursday, May 13, 2010

Post Office

Andrew has been very interested in community helpers this year. He loves to pretend to be a fireman, police officer, doctor, or cowboy (I know a cowboy isn't actually a community helper). One morning recently he decided he wanted to be a mailman. I pulled out some envelopes, paper and the markers for them to write letters to other members of our family.

Then we decorated lunch bags for each member of the family to be our mailboxes. Brent and I have some too, I just forgot to take a picture of ours.

Next, it was time to deliver the mail! He put on his mailbag and headed off on his rounds.

He did a good job looking at each envelope and reading the first letter of the name to know who it went to.

Both yahoos really enjoyed getting their mail that morning. It was really fun for me to watch them in their first real literacy center.

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