Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Strawberry Picking

Saturday morning, Brent and Papack headed over to do some yardwork at the lake house. While they were gone, we took Gigi with us to the strawberry patch in Dahlonega. It was very hot, so she kept Jonathan in the stroller in the shade while Andrew, Coleman, and I picked the berries. We had a fun time, and filled our buckets to the brim!

There were a lot of old tractors sitting around, so we had to stop and make a picture. The boys couldn't take their eyes off the tractor long enough to look at the camera.
Since Gigi didn't get to pick any, Andrew chose a really red one for her to try. I tried to get a picture of him handing it to her, but the camera took a little longer than the handoff.

Sitting with their haul.
On the way home, Coleman said, "I'm ready for some strawberries!" We had eaten a bunch in the patch, but I guess you can never get enough of them when they taste that good! For dessert that night we had yummy strawberry shortcakes!

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Tina said...

Yummy!!! That's something that I REALLY wanted to do this year, but it hasn't happened, yet.