Friday, May 28, 2010

Growing Baby

Jonathan is getting bigger every day! None of our babies have ever been roly-poly babies, but he is growing well. He loves all his solid foods, with the exception of bananas. His favorite meal is breakfast with oatmeal cereal and pears. Here are a few pics of his eating adventures of late.

One afternoon I was feeding Jonathan when the phone rang. Andrew and Coleman came to the rescue and helped him eat his lunch while I was talking. He seemed really tickled that his big brother was driving the spoon.

giving that spoon thing a try

When Andrew and Coleman were little, we didn't have room for a high chair, so we used a little booster seat for them. It was perfect, and I'm so glad we have one for when we travel places. Now that we can spread out a little more, I got Jonathan a high chair. Here he is watching Brent put it together. . .

and trying it out.

This week he got to try those dissolvable baby foods called "puffs". I broke them into smaller pieces and put them in his mouth. He made the funniest faces, and looked even funnier gumming them around. But he did eventually decide he liked them, and now gets excited when he sees one heading for his mouth.
Not such a hit at first.

Looks like he decided they're not too bad after all!


Tina said...

He is so ADORABLE!!!!

Shannon S. said...

That's my boy! You stay away from those nasty bananas! Of course, you'll never be able to taste Gigi's famous banana pudding if you don't change. You'll just have to trust everyone else's word for it, like I did!