Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today was our last MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) for the year. Andrew got to go with us since he's finished with preschool. One of the girls sent an email to the whole group last week saying this week's program would be about learning to give great baby showers. She's a super creative, crafty mommy so I knew this would be a fun meeting! Then, she sent another email saying that we'd actually be giving a shower for Mandi who is expecting a baby in August. We'd still do the fun things she had planned, but to bring a gift for Mandi and keep it a secret. So off I went to Target to find a little happy for Mandi. We packed up this morning and headed off to the "secret" shower.

When we got there I took my gift for Mandi over to the table and placed it with the others, noticing there were a LOT of gifts ~ more gifts than people. It was still early, and my Dr. Pepper hadn't kicked in yet, so I didn't think much about it. So the meeting starts with a yummy breakfast from Chick-fil-A (my favorite!) and a sweet devotion. Then, Stepahine gets up to start the baby shower presentation and announces that not only is this meeting about fun things to do when hosting a shower, but it's actually a shower for Mandi AND Paige! Before you could blink, I hollered out, "But I'm NOT pregnant!" Everyone laughed, and then Stephanie said it was a shower for Jonathan. Whew!

It was such a sweet surprise for a Thursday morning! We played a lot of fun games, got some great hosting tips from Stephaine, and opened some fun gifts. This morning I saw my camera sitting on the counter and almost grabbed it to make some pictures for Mandi, but got interrupted and didn't remember it before we left. So I have no pictures to show from the actual shower, but when the yahoos laid down for their naps, I spread everything out to make a picture.

And this little fella was the party favor for everyone. Isn't he cute? We all laughed and said his hair looks a lot like Jonathan's!

Thank you sweet friends. It was so fun to celebrate our baby with you today!

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Tina said...

What a WONDERFUL surprise!!!! What sweet friends. Aren't surprises fun?