Friday, April 9, 2010

The Aquarium

This week was Spring Break for Andrew's preschool. On Tuesday we went downtown to the Aquarium and The Varsity. It was our first trip to the Georgia Aquarium, and we all had a lot of fun. Once again, the camera got left in the car at The Varsity, so we still don't have Jonathan's picture in a Varsity hat. Maybe next time we'll get it!

This was the first big tank we came to. They were astounded. You'll notice Coleman is pointing to everything he sees in the next few pictures. He was absolutely speechless for a while. I think he could not believe what he was seeing. There was also a scuba diver in this tank. He gave Andrew a thumbs up, which Andrew returned. He smiled so big telling us about it.

Too much to see to waste time looking at the camera!

the biggest sting ray I have ever seen

There is a tunnel you can walk through also. It was fascinating. Coleman wasn't too sure about it, and Andrew was more interested in riding the moving sidewalk.

Every window we came to, they stopped and wanted to climb in. Didn't matter that it was the very same tank we had just seen.

This was in the room with a huge window to the big tank. Our yahoos are standing in front taking it all in.

There were lots of touch pools too. Brent and Coleman are trying to touch a sting ray. Cole's arms were a little too short to reach, but Andrew touched several. Brent even touched a shark.

checking out the alligators

touching the anemones

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