Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coleman's Day

Yesterday Coleman celebrated all day long! He woke up to a special breakfast on the red plate. He picked pancakes, so his was in the shape of his new number 3. He was excited to see his balloons on his chair and the chandelier when he woke up.

After breakfast, he opened his birthday shirt, got dressed, and went to school. Jonathan and I took cupcakes for the class at lunchtime.

Here's Coleman passing out the plates to his friends. He specially requested a party hat to wear, and he didn't take it off until I got ready to leave.

Smiling while Ms. Christel sang Happy Birthday to him.

He picked tacos for his birthday supper, and was very excited at the decorated table.

We'll have two cakes this weekend at his parties, so we just ate the rest of the cupcakes and ice cream for dessert last night.
Coleman chose chocolate cupcakes with blue icing and Cars character toppers. While we sang to him, he sang right along. It was too cute!

Everytime we asked him what his favorite part of the day was, he said, "Cupcakes!"

An impromptu arm wrestling session broke out after the cupcakes were finished.

The boys got their baths, and then Coleman opened his presents from us. With a little help from Andrew. They both were excited about the two new books Coleman got. One is a DK book on Tractors, and the other is about Mega Trucks. He slept with them last night, and asked for them as soon as he woke up this morning. Made his mommy so very happy!
He also got a mini John Deere. Both boys were really excited!
And they each got a Buzz Blaster!

When I tucked Coleman in last night, I gave him one more squeeze and said, "Happy Birthday Birthday Boy!" He squeezed me back and said, "Happy Birthday Birthday Lady!"

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