Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet the Teacher

Today was open house at our preschool. Andrew will be in the three day fours and Coleman is in the three day twos! We loaded up and headed out to meet our teachers and see the boys' rooms for this year.

Our first stop was Coleman's room. His teacher is Miss Christel. She is super nice and we've heard great things about her from friends. Coleman was a little unsure of the idea of being in a room without Andrew, but I know he will take off once his jitters get out of the way. The room was a two year old's paradise. Home living area, dress up clothes, blocks, trucks, puzzles, a huge slide and a train table! He was very intrigued, but still wouldn't have his picture made with Miss Christel alone, so Andrew stepped in to help.

Next, we headed down the hall to see Andrew's room. Mrs. Stephanie is his teacher and boy, have we heard great things about her! We were excited to see that Hannah, Ivy, and Emelia from last year are all in his class again! We were also very excited to see that there are three other little boys in his class. Andrew has always been in groups with lots of girls, so it will be good to have some boy playmates this year too.

The four year old program is really pre-K, so they spend a lot of time getting ready for Kindergarten. Andrew will go to Mrs. Louise everyday for a handwriting lesson. They use Handwriting Without Tears, which I am over the moon about. It is a fabulous handwriting program! He'll have Music, Chapel, and Spanish again, and get to go to a Computer Tots class this year. And, on Mondays, he will participate in the Playball elective. He'll be exposed to seven different sports during the year, and they'll focus lots on balance and coordination. I think he will love it! The four year olds also go on several field trips during the year, and next Friday is Water Day! What a great way to start off the year! Here's a picture of Andrew and Mrs. Stephanie.

We stopped in to say hi to Mrs. Sharon while we were there. She said she had a great summer and couldn't believe how big Jonathan is now! Outside, there was a little activity fair going on. The boys played on the playground for a few minutes while I signed up for a few committees and bought some t-shirts. Then, we got a balloon sword made! The clown was offering all different kinds of animals, but Andrew said he would like a sword, please. And of course Coleman said, "Mmm Hmm! Me too!"

We're looking forward to another great year at the best preschool on earth!

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