Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Special Visitor

Last week Uncle Hugh came for a visit from Memphis. We were very excited to see him. The boys made sure to wake up extra early from their naps when he got here. Whenever Uncle Hugh (or Uncle Q as Coleman calls him) comes, he always brings surprises for the boys. Last year he brought a sand table, and this year he brought a tricycle!

Here are the yahoos and Uncle Hugh putting the trike together. This has got to be the sturdiest trike ever made. The wheels are huge, and a sticker warns that 600 pounds is the absolute maximum it will hold. Can you imagine?!

We plan to finish our basement someday, but we're really in no hurry. With the heat lately, the boys have been riding the trike and their bicycles downstairs. It is great for them to burn off some energy, but not suffer from heat stroke while doing so. Andrew could immediately zoom around on the new trike. Coleman could almost reach the pedals last week, but this week he goes just as fast as Andrew! He loves to ride his new red "motorcycle" as he calls it.

We met Brent at Longstreet for supper that night. While we were there, we got a few pictures of Uncle Hugh with all the yahoos.

Uncle Hugh, we are so glad you came. We can't wait until your visit in October! We love you very much!

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