Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation Day

We celebrated our Kindergarten Graduate with a super fun day!  He woke up to a breakfast table decorated for him and ate on the red plate.

Then we got ready for our surprise trip.

We drove to the Marta station,

and took the train to the World of Coke!

After lunch, we toured the Coca-Cola museum at Centennial Park.  Brent and I visited the old museum at Underground before I went to PC, so this new location was an adventure for all of us.

We started off in a loft area filled with Coke memorabilia from years gone by.

Then we headed inside to tour several different exhibits.  The first exhibit was set up so you could read about pharmacies of the early 20th century.  What might have been on their shelves and in their drawers when Dr. Pemberton was alive and invented Coca-Cola.

We even got to try our hand at finding the perfect combination of flavors in the elusive Coca-Cola recipe.

Next, we got our picture made with the Coca-Cola polar bear.  He was quite the trickster messing with Mommy!

Then it was on to the vault!

Behind that door is The Recipe.

We saw a miniature bottling operation.

And this is an actual soda fountain from a small town in Georgia.

The tasting room was lots of fun for Andrew and Coleman.  Jonathan wasn't feeling well by this time.  He was actually running a fever, so we finished the museum quickly so we could get him some ibuprofen.

We each got a souvenir bottle of coke in that special green glass bottle that we all love.  Jonathan's ibuprofen kicked in really quickly and after a short nap on the train, he was back to himself.  We had so much fun celebrating the end of another year at Archer Academy.  The boys have both worked so hard and learned so much this year.  We are super proud of our All Star Students!!

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