Tuesday, June 3, 2014

January 2013

Our first field trip of 2013 was to ImagineIt! It's a children's museum downtown close to Olympic Park.  We drove down one very cold Tuesday morning and ate lunch at Johnny Rocket's first.

 Then we walked over to let the boys have fun exploring the science museum.  On this day, Jonathan reminded me so very much of a three year old Andrew I about couldn't stand it.  We decided it would be easier to divide up and let Brent and the older boys explore together and I stayed with Jon Jon.

He absolutely loved this fishing area.  There were smocks to help keep the kids dry, but as much fishing as he did, he was wet anyway.

 It's been so long that I really don't remember what many of the exhibits were about.  There was a big Magic School Bus area that was about weather.  I think this picture is from there.

A big area to play with Moon Sand.

Also that month, Coleman lost his first tooth!

 Our Tuesday afternoon co-op played lots of indoor pe that month.  Here are Andrew and Coleman in a relay race.  They both did great balancing their plate on their head!

We celebrated the 100th day of school with fun pancakes!

 And hats!

And we dissected owl pellets.  Our science for first grade was Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.  We loved it and learned so much about birds, bats, insects, and flying dinosaurs.

Stay tuned for February!

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