Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wild Animal Safari 2013

Just up the road from Callaway is the Wild Animal Safari.  It's a place where you can ride through the park and feed animals from a vehicle.  The first part is a small zoo with lots of photo opportunities.

Then we boarded the bus to feed the animals.  If you go, we highly recommend the bus.  You can drive your own car, or rent one of their vehicles, but the bus allows you to just participate with the animals and not worry about driving or ruining your own car.

This zebra was right outside our window.  It was pretty tricky to get pictures, feed the animals, and keep the boys safe and have fun all at the same time.  So I compromised on the pictures a little.

These longhorns came right up to the bus doors and stuck their heads in to be fed.

This guy was called Big Eddie.  He ran the show, according to our driver.  It was hilarious to watch the  boys throwing food into his mouth.

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