Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back to School 2013

On the first morning of school, the boys woke up to a breakfast surprise.  Their backpacks were waiting at the table and were filled with fun supplies for the new school year!

Coleman ate on the red plate for breakfast since he was starting Kindergarten!

Andrew ate on the red plate at supper since he was starting second grade!

We had a Welcome Back party with our friends at lunchtime.

Jonathan started preschool a few weeks later.  Here he is with Ms. Jayne on Open House day.

Andrew studied space this year in science and one of our first projects was to make a model solar system.  Here, he and Coleman are painting the planets.

After our trip to Disney World for Coleman's birthday, Jonathan had his first day of preschool.

If you look carefully beside the column, you can see him walking out from his first day!

In the fall, Andrew and Coleman took a fun homeschool pe class at the community center.  Coach Corey printed up certificates for them at the end of the term.

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