Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bird Friendly

I've mentioned that Andrew's science for first grade was all about flying creatures.  In the teacher notes, the author suggested that families make their yards "bird friendly" so that we could observe as many different varieties of birds as possible.  We did all kinds of activities to accomplish this.  We hung bird feeders and built bird baths.  We watched a couple of hummingbirds at our deck from the feeder we hung there.  But our best bird watching came from the front door.  I hung this door bucket with artificial forsythia early in the spring.  One day I noticed a little visitor sitting inside.

And when she saw me, she flew off revealing her secret!  We watched carefully every few days waiting for the eggs to hatch.

Meanwhile, we also saw a pair of doves on the deck,

a bunch of little yellow finches around our feeders,

a beautiful hawk on the deck,

and a bluebird family making its home in our bird house from Grandaddy.

The eggs hatched and we had a front row seat for watching them grow and develop.  It was awesome.  

One by one, the littles flew away and soon our nest was empty.  We hope they'll come back another spring!

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