Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gold Rush

Jonathan made his very own apple t-shirt at preschool last year.

The week after the Sorghum Festival was Gold Rush over in Dahlonega.  We asked Nana and Pop-O to go with us.  Brent had a meeting all day, so he missed our fun.

Coleman and Jonathan panned for gem stones.  Jonathan was a little skeptical about dumping all that wet sand in the tray.

But he was thrilled when he saw those gemstones in his tray after washing it!

Coleman was very excited too!

Andrew had his heart and mind set on "gold rushing."  He never could remember that it was panning for gold he wanted to do.  So we got his bag of sand and headed over to the washing table.  Panning for gold is much more difficult than gemstones, so this nice (hilarious) old prospector helped Andrew out.


When all was said and done we had a small bottle of gold flakes in water, and one very happy Andrew!

This cracked me up.  Pop-O told Jonathan and Coleman that they needed to be careful with their treasures.  There might be thieves in the crowd that wanted to steal their gemstones.  So very carefully, Jonathan hid his bag inside his jacket until we got back to the car.

We stopped for a picture with this character.  You can see Jonathan still has his hand inside his jacket hiding his gemstones.

We made a quick stop at the candy store and then headed to Pueblo's for a yummy lunch.

That night we celebrated Nana's birthday.  It was another great Saturday!

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