Tuesday, June 3, 2014

February 2013

In our co-op, I taught a class on American symbols.  Here are Andrew and Coleman the week we learned about Uncle Sam.

Baseball started up that month, and Coleman got to start tee-ball.  He was super excited to get his very own starter kit from Uncle Roger and Aunt Mer-Mer.  Here he is right before his first practice.

 Gigi, Mer Mer and Brin came.  This is the only picture I seem to have from that visit.

We got a dusting of snow.

I just love our barbers and this particular day, Mr. Buddy gave Andrew a very cool do!

It was hard to believe we finally had reached this milestone.  All of our boys grew out of this sweet crib.  Jonathan was super excited to get his very own big boy bed!  Nana told me to snap this picture before we took the bed apart, and I'm so glad she did!

Oh my goodness, I don't think anyone was ever more excited that Jon Jon to get his very own big bed.

Andrew learned more parts of speech in school.

 Here the boys are working on their Valentines to exchange at the co-op party.  Andrew chose blue pants with smarties attached.  The card read, "Happy Valentine's Day Smarty Pants!"

Coleman picked a heart that was stapled together making a pocket with sweetheart candy inside.  His card read, "Go ahead.  Be a HEARTBREAKER!"

This was in his derby car class.

And this was Andrew's games class.

During the party, we made cards for orphans,

delivered our Valentines,

and ate yummy snacks.

Here are the pictures from Coleman's preschool party.

And Jonathan's party.

That night, the boys each had a gift from us to open at dinner.

And we had chocolate fondue for dessert.  This was their first time to fondue. It got mixed reactions.

We also went to the circus that month.  The library winter reading program offers free circus tickets to participating kids, so we happily took advantage of that deal!

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