Friday, June 6, 2014

Andrew's 8th Birthday

This year we offered Andrew the choice of having a big party or choosing a special friend to go on a fun outing with our family.  Andrew chose the latter, so after basketball the day before his birthday, we met John Bishop for lunch and then headed to Legoland at Phipps.

 We ended the day at Johnny Rocket's for supper.  Brent and I especially loved this because the night before he was born, we ate a Johnny Rocket's in Birmingham one last time, just the two of us.  Sweet memories.

Birthday breakfast on the red plate before church.

For supper he picked hamburgers on the grill, chips and queso and bok choy salad.

He ordered a cookie cake and came up with the message himself.

Gigi and Papack put flowers in the church in his honor since his birthday was on Sunday.

His big gift was a 3DS.  He was very excited and surprised!

I just cannot believe how big he's getting and how fast it's happening.  Everyone said it would be this way, but you just can't realize it until it happens to you.

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