Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Sorghum Festival

In early October, we invited Gigi and Papack to come up and go with us to Blairsville for the Sorghum Festival.  The day started out at the courthouse for the parade.

Jonathan especially loved filling his pockets with the candy.  It was a little difficult since he had his shorts on backwards!

This was Andrew's favorite car.  He wanted his picture made with it.

After the parade, we sat in traffic for a while and then finally got to the actual festival.  We watched them making syrup.

We ate lunch from the Lion's Club and then got funnel cakes and donuts for a yummy dessert.

Here are the boys standing next to a load of sorghum cane ready for grinding.

After we finished in Blairsville, we stopped at Young Harris for the boys to see where Gigi and Papack met and went to college.

And then we came home and celebrated Papack's birthday!  Jonathan was super tired but hung in there really well.

It was a fun fall Saturday in North Georgia!

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