Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 2013

June was a busy month with swimming lessons, Brin's birthday party, the summer reading program, and Vacation Bible School!  Here are the pictures of those fun happenings.

This is the best shot I was able to get of Andrew.  His group was all the way across the pool.

Brin celebrated her first birthday at our pool!  We had such fun celebrating our sweet girl!

The summer reading program had a theme about digging into a good book, and they used underground animals as their mascots.  This particular morning, a guy from a local zoo came with all kinds of underground animals for us to see.

Everyone was very still and very quiet when the first animal came into view!

This is a cousin of an armadillo.

This was the biggest frog I have ever seen.  Its name was Jabba.

Our Bible school theme was Kingdom Chronicles and focused on the Ephesians 6 verses about the armor of God.  I was on the coordinating team, and we transformed our children's area into a castle.  The boys loved every night and can't wait for this year!

We hosted an art contest and each child decorated a shield.  The boys all posed for pictures with their shields.

During the opening assembly one night.

To encourage them to learn their memory verses, we gave out pieces of banana splits each night.  Every verse you learned earned you another part of your ice cream treat on the last night.  Our boys worked hard to learn all four verses so they each got to have a banana split the last night.

Brent was a team leader for first grade.

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