Thursday, June 5, 2014

July 2013

In July, Andrew and Coleman participated in Camp Worship again.  They went all week and learned a lot about true worship, learned a musical, and had tons of fun.

THEN, at the very end of the month, someone entered a new decade!  Our town high school mascot is the red elephants, and we have this HUGE red elephant in town that is for rent.  So I arranged for it to surprise Brent at work on the big day.  He was not super thrilled, but he was a good sport and let me get a few pictures of him and the boys at lunch.  I think he enjoyed all the birthday greetings he got from his patients, and one kind patient even dropped off a very nice gift card to a very nice restaurant here in town!

For his gifts, the boys made him a platter with their hands and feet that says, "Our Daddy is King of the Grill."

 I gave him a zipline adventure for both of us!

This was at his office with the cookie cake.

When I told Nana what I had planned to give Brent, and that I was more than a little nervous about participating myself, she said, "Yeah.  I didn't think that sounded quite like you."  HA!  But I determined I would not scream and embarrass him and myself, and it was really quite fun.  Here we are suiting up.

It was really neat being up in the treetops all morning.

And here we are - all smiles!

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