Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 2013 - Baseball, End of School, Strawberries and Butterflies

Here is Andrew's team at a game in prayer before taking the field.  His coach prayed before every game.

We have laughed and said that this was the season Andrew learned how to lose.  His team only won one game the whole season.  We had several close ones, but only one W.  I made a picture of the scoreboard as soon as we got that last out!

Here are the pictures from Coleman's last party and last day of preschool.

 Heading out of the car one last time for Hat Day.

Walking in.

The ice cream truck came and Mrs. Joyce invited us to come too.  I made this silly picture of Coleman with his Spongebob ice cream treat.  Andrew was treated to an ice cream too.

Then we headed down to Jonathan's party.

Jonathan and Ms. Christel.

Coleman and Mrs. Stephanie.

May is our strawberry picking month.  However, when we drove up to the fields, this is what we found.  It was so cold that spring that the berries didn't grow!  So we didn't get to pick last year.  We did find some great berries at Jaemor though.

 Andrew finished the year in science studying insects, so we hatched some butterflies.

We also watched the life cycle of ladybugs.  Here we are releasing them.

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