Friday, June 6, 2014

Basketball 2014

Andrew and Coleman played their first season of basketball this year.  We chose to play with Upward and it was a great experience.  They both learned so much, and really improved during the season.  

Coleman had some great plays and even made a few baskets during some of the games.   The only part of basketball he didn't like was the buzzer.  He didn't like it AT ALL.  So we are working on talking him into it again for next year.  He was really good and loved playing, just hated the buzzer.

Andrew was a natural.  He was in a league where he was one of the only rookies, so that always makes it a little more difficult.  His strength this year was defense.  He blocked a bunch of shots and even jump blocked one shot.  The ref's eyes bugged out when he did that!

Coach Dan was a super coach for our boy.  He taught good fundamentals and gave lots of praise and encouragement.  It was a great season!

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