Friday, June 6, 2014

Christmas Morning 2013

When we woke up on Christmas, we found that Santa must have been in a hurry!  He dropped their sacks from his sleigh and didn't even take time to unpack them!

Coleman was a little worried and almost cried when he saw a giant burlap sack in his chair.  We quickly explained to him that he needed to open it and see what was inside and then he was fine.

 Brent took the boys to Bath and Body Works to pick out my gifts.  He said they took sweet forever to decide which lotion to get me.  Then, when they got to checkout, the lady told him it was buy three get three free, which meant they got to go choose another scent!  Finally they made their selections.  Andrew got me Winter Candy Apple and Sensual Amber.

Coleman picked Velvet Sugar and Sea Island Cotton.

Jonathan picked Cranberry Frost and Twilight Woods.  I have never picked any of those scents for myself, but I loved them all!

We surprised the boys with a foosball table.

We got dressed and ate a quick breakfast and headed out to Gigi and Papack's!

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