Monday, August 27, 2012

Turning Five

 Coleman's birthday was on Thursday this year, so he didn't have preschool that morning.  We celebrated with a fun breakfast of his choosing.  I could not believe his choice, but here it is:  green eggs, ham and a bagel.  He ate it all up very happily!

Then he opened his birthday shirt.

He decided he wanted to go to the Lego store for his birthday outing.  So we loaded up with his birthday money and headed down there.  Andrew had some money in his wallet too, so he was able to get something also.  When I made this picture, Jonathan was climbing on the little train behind me and had no interest in coming down to say cheese. 

After a supper of spaghetti and meatballs (Coleman's choice), it was FINALLY time to open presents! 

After he opened the smallish ones inside, we told him there was one more waiting for him on the driveway.  Check out this excited face!

A brand new bicycle with no training wheels!  He learned to ride like a big kid two weeks ago and was thrilled to get a new bike!

We put on his helmet and let him ride around a while and then went in for baths.  Then we had our cupcakes (chocolate with peanut butter icing) and sang "Happy Birthday."

I wanted a picture with my five year old before he went to bed. 

And so did Andrew.

This was just outside his door when he woke up.  We covered the doorway with streamers the night before his birthday and it provided tons of fun all day long for everyone.  I don't think they lasted until Friday at suppertime though!

It was a really fun day for our "cream in the Oreo" boy.  I'm sure you're not surprised that we were nowhere near finished celebrating though!

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