Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Camp Worship

Andrew's summer camp was at church this year.  Our Music Minister hosted a Camp Worship for kids who had finished Kindergarten through fifth grades.  They met at the church each morning for a week.  While at the church, they learned about worship (that everything we do is worship of something), the Bible, and a musical called G.P.S. - God's Plan of Salvation.  In the afternoons, they had a field trip every day.  Skating, water park, an indoor trampoline park, and the children's museum were fun stops that Andrew looked forward to each day.  

On Sunday night the kids performed their musical.  Here are a few shots of that.

Jonathan watched very attentively (mostly) but did think it was a little loud a couple of times.

Coleman knew almost all the songs from listening to them in the car with Andrew.  He even stood and did the motions with the kids on stage.  Andrew could see him from where he was, and we could tell it tickled him to watch Coleman watching him.

Here's a shot of the whole group with Mr. Chris in the blue shirt.  It was amazing how much they learned in just one week. Andrew is already looking forward to next summer!

Another thing the kids did was learn an anthem to sing on Sunday morning.  The adult choir sang with them, and there were several kids solos.  Andrew was chosen to sing the solo at the very end of the song.  We think he did a great job.  He wasn't nervous at all.  I don't think it even occurred to him to be nervous.  I debated about whether to sing with the choir, or to video it from my seat.  Gigi and Papack were able to come that morning, so Papack videoed it with his phone.  Here it is:

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