Friday, August 31, 2012

The Welcoming Committee

 If you visited our home this summer, this is the sight that would have greeted you on arrival.  A sweet little Southern entry complete with ferns and Old Glory.  And a welcoming committee.

 Our welcoming committee is usually comprised of three little boys peeking out those windows ready and waiting to throw open the door and run out to greet our guests.  But this summer, we also had a more subdued set of greeters. 

One morning, as I was putting out the flag and watering the ferns, I noticed a little brown bird scoot out from under the right side fern when I started watering it.  I thought that was curious and went back inside.  The next few days, the same thing happened each time I watered that fern.  Then I noticed a bunch of pinestraw laying in the top of the fern.  Almost like it was a little roof for someone. 

I decided one morning to very carefully see who might be needing a roof inside my fern.  I slowly pulled back the fronds expecting to see some eggs.  Imagine my surprise when I saw three tiny little birds!  My heart about jumped into my throat.  I started shaking I was so surprised!  They were just curled up sleeping away.  Their feathers hadn't begun to show up and I guessed they were maybe a day or two old they were so very tiny.  The bluish covering over their eyelids hadn't faded.  I called Andrew to come see and he jumped back in surprise just like I had.  We were both giggling over our discovery. 
We were careful not to look too often, no matter how tempted we were.  When Brent got home that night, we made a few pictures.  Momma Bird was watching us very closely I'm sure, but she never made a sound.  In the picture below you can barely make out a tiny yellow beak that's popped open waiting for some food.  

We had such fun knowing that we had babies in our fern.  While I visited Brin, Brent said one little fella fell out of the nest, so he scooped it up very carefully and put it  back inside.  A few days later they were gone for good.  It was a sweet little surprise for this summer.  I hope we were good hosts and that the momma will come back next year.  Who knows?  Maybe she read our sign and decided to make it her "home sweet home" too.

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