Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lake Burton 2012

This year we headed out to the lake for vacation.  However, we didn't head to Hartwell.  Our dock was not in the water, so we couldn't see how that would have been much fun.  So this year we tried out Lake Burton in the mountains.  It was beautiful.  The water was clear and cool.  The mountains gave a beautiful backdrop wherever you looked.  We loved it.  Here are the pictures from our days over there.

The boys did some reclining in front of the TV when we weren't out in the boat.

As soon as we arrived,  Andrew located his bed.  There was a twin bed in the basement that he loved.   

Coleman decided he wanted a little bed too, so I made up the loveseat downstairs for him.  They both slept really well in their little beds.

I just loved Coleman at breakfast.  I'm not sure if you can fully appreciate his "fresh out of bed" hairstyle from this picture.

Papack and Gigi joined us, and Papack rented a pontoon for us so he didn't have to pull theirs over from Hartwell. It was great to just turn it in when we finished with it.  Here are the boys on our first morning out.

Jonathan got to enjoy his first soft drink. 

You can see he was not about to put it down.

Andrew figured out one of the very best things to do in a boat.

There were plenty of turns at boat driving this year.  Andrew will probably be driving completely by himself (in Papack or Brent's lap) next summer.  He did great. 

This was the year everyone took their sense of humor with them to the lake.  We were constantly cracking up at something one of the boys said or did.  Andrew even surprised himself with his driving skills.  One night he remarked, "Wow!  I can almost drive a whole boat by myself.  Maybe one day I'll even learn to tie my own shoes!"  He has since learned to do just that.

Coleman also got very good at navigation this year. 

On the first day out, he was driving with Brent.  Brent gave him landmarks to aim towards on the horizon.  He pointed toward a red house and told Coleman to steer straight toward that red house.  Brent later said Coleman steered everywhere BUT the red house.  After lots of verbal corrections and reminders, Coleman finally said, "Uh, Dad?  Can I please have my glasses?" 

From then on, we handed them over when it was his turn to drive.  The difference in his steering was astounding!

Jonathan even got turns at the wheel.  He's not ready for steering lessons yet, but he does love to drive.  Even with his eyes closed.
Of course there was plenty of clowning around.

We loved swimming in water that didn't feel like a bathtub.  It was cool when you first jumped in, but it sure felt refreshing when you got wet. 

This little fella gets the "Future Lifeguard" award.  Gigi doesn't swim, but she will get in the lake on a float with her lifejacket and tether herself to the boat.  The boys know she doesn't swim, and one of our big rules about the water is that you don't touch anyone else who is swimming.  Well, Gigi was floating in the lake with the rest of us, and a pretty big commotion started up.  Coleman had noticed that the valve on her float was undone and was trying his hardest to get on top of the float to push it back in.  Nevermind that he about knocked her off in the process.  He is constantly watching out for others.  So sweet!

Jonathan did a super job swimming with the noodle the first day.  The second day he figured out how to keep himself upright without the noodle.  He loved swimming all around independently.

You may have noticed the cute hats Gigi and I were wearing in an earlier picture.  They are the perfect sun hats.  They are not the perfect swim hats.  We were heading back to the house for lunch on Monday when I turned loose of my hat for just a second to help someone with something.  Well, that big floppy white hat flew right off my head.  Brent turned the boat around and Papack dove in to get it.  He caught it just as it was going down for the last time.  I think it is safe to say my hat may never be the same again.  But I was so thankful to have it back. After that, Coleman made sure I kept my hand on my hat the whole time we were in the boat!  Here's a picture of Papack bringing it back to the boat.

  There was a tube included in our boat rental.  Everyone had lots of fun riding it.  Except Gigi of course.  Now that would surely get it's own blog post!  Here's Coleman and Brent.

 Those two tricksters Andrew and Papack were next.  You can see Andrew trying to get Brent to go faster.

And then Papack told Andrew how to get across the wake. 

Jonathan even got a turn. 
Can you see his little hand waving?  He loved it!

And I rode with Andrew back to the house.

There were a couple of other funnies that we heard around the house.  Coleman was putting on his shark covered bathing suit one morning and said, "Boy!  The fishies sure are gonna be scared of me!"

And Jon Jon could not remember the word "porch."  He kept calling it the "pork chop."  We ate all our meals out there on the "pork chop." 

This was his favorite way to ride.  Propped up on his knees, looking out over the water, sucking his thumb and holding his ear. 
It was a great trip!

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