Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to Preschool

Yesterday was Open House at the preschool for Coleman and Jonathan.  We were glad to see our friends and to be back in the place we love so much!  Jonathan has Ms. Christel this year.  When we walked in the room, he was super excited!  He loved the slide and the pretending area.  He was really jazzed when he saw all the trucks and bulldozers she has.  Here they are together.

We told Ms. Christel we'd, "See you tomoyo!" and then we headed down the hall to our sweet Ms. Stephanie.  Coleman is really excited to finally be one of the Big Kids at the school.  He has nine boys and three girls in his class.  We'll be taking lots of treats to Ms. Stephanie this year!  Here they are together.

We stopped at the sign for our annual photo.

And then we headed to our very favorite special day lunch spot - The Collegiate!

Last night I got backpacks ready, emergency clothes packed, and all those forms filled out.  There was still seemingly a ton to do this morning, and I realized how much I have enjoyed our laid back summer routine each day!  We made it out the door right on time, and even had a minute to grab those first day pictures on the porch.

Little Big Man put on his new red shoes all by himself, I'll have you know.  He was super pumped when we picked them out the other day.  I showed them to him and he said, "WOW!  They're super cool awesome!"

We took our first day blueberry muffins to our teachers and made pictures with them again today.  I was a little worried about what Jonathan would do when I left, but he gave me a big hug and kiss and then said, "Bye-bye Mommy!  I wuv you!  See ya wader!"  And he was off to play!

Coleman and Ms. Stephanie made a picture this morning too.

So this is new this year.  I do not have to walk inside to pick anyone up!  Here's Coleman coming out to the car with Ms. Louise.  The note in his folder said his favorite thing today was swinging on the playground.

And here is Mr. Big himself.  Ms. Christel hollered to me that he had a great day!  He thought he was something else walking out with Ms. Louise.  He got in the car and gave me a huge hug. 

We are so very thankful for our school and the teachers that love our boys each day.  We can't wait to see what this year brings!

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