Friday, August 10, 2012

Music Camp for Coleman

Coleman participated in Music Camp with Ms. Pam this summer.  He was super excited about his turn at a summer camp!  Here he is the first night playing around on his keyboard.

This year's story was about Clarence the Goose who had flown off from Mother Goose.  The children searched all week and had many fun adventures trying to find Clarence.  Here they are hearing the story on the first night of camp.
Coleman was great at playing "Hello/Goodbye Hands" all week.

Lots of instruments came out. . .
including those Naughty Tambourines!  He has his hands glued on his knees and is not listening to that tambourine telling him to "Go ahead and play before Ms. Pam says you can!"  Serious temptation for a preschooler!
Finally they got to play!
And then it got a little too loud for Coleman!

One night they had a bear puppet show.  Coleman wanted his bear decorated like Buzz Lightyear.

Learning about quarter notes

And here's our dear Ms. Pam.  Coleman is super excited because he will get to start lessons with her in the fall this year!

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