Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Star Wars Pool Party

Friday was our Grand Finale to Coleman's fifth birthday!  Andrew and I took cupcakes to his class at lunchtime, and Ms. Stephanie had brought him a bunch of balloons!

Then we hurried home to finish preparing for the big party at the pool that evening.  Andrew had been a huge helper that week getting things ready with me.  Just like at his fifth birthday party, C3PO and R2D2 made an appearance.  Those are the favor bags for his guests on the fireplace too.

As the guests arrived, they hopped right in the pool.  We had the place completely to ourselves!

Our sweet friends the Armstrongs came a little early and Stephanie helped me get everything set up while David made sure no one drowned.  Brent was coming right after work with the pizzas, and I wasn't sure how I was going to set everything up and watch three yahoos.  We are so thankful for great friends who don't mind helping out!  Here are the decorations we put together.  You can click on each picture to see it larger if you want.

After they ate supper, we sang to Coleman and had cupcakes. 

Then it was time to break the pinata.  Here are all the kids lined up and ready.

Coleman got to go first.   He has the batting part of tee ball down!

We lined the kids up youngest to oldest for our batting order.  We only made it to the third little girl before it broke clean apart!  Andrew stuffed it that morning for me, and he filled it REALLY full.  So it was very heavy and ready to bust wide open!

Next we let him open his gifts.

And then everyone got back in the pool for a little bit.  Here's a cute last shot of Jon Jon and Whitley enjoying some pinata candy. 

Coleman had a great time at his party, and I think his friends did too.  I love planning their parties, but I must say, I am glad that next year we'll be celebrating in Disney World again! 

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Tina said...

Such a cute party!