Monday, August 20, 2012

Brent's Birthday

Brent had the day off for his birthday this year, which made a fun birthday breakfast possible.  He got the red plate and even a fun hat!

It turned out to be a very busy day, but that night we celebrated with his gifts.  The boys each made a card for him, and they were so very proud of their work. 

Once again, most of the family pitched in and got him tickets to a home ballgame at Georgia Tech this fall.  We'll be heading to see the Jackets take on Virginia this time.  You might notice there are four tickets this year.  Since Coleman will be five, he'll get to go.  We are all very excited!

He also got a nice new shirt and a new toy for his newest passion. 

Speaking of the grill, here's a picture of some YUMMY pineapple he grilled a few weeks ago.  It was incredible.

Happy Birthday to our favorite husband and daddy.  We think you're the best!

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