Thursday, August 9, 2012

Meeting Brin

It has been first one thing and then another with this post.  I tried right after I got home to upload the pictures, and blogger would not cooperate.  Then we got extremely busy ending up our summer and starting school.  Tonight I finally have time to sit down again, and blogger is acting up again.  Grrrrrr.  


On June 6, our family welcomed our first niece on my side of the family, Brinson Suzanne Foltynowicz.  We're calling her Brin for short and she is such a sweet baby.  Back in the spring, Meredith and I planned for me to visit at the beginning of July.  She was so sweet to come when all of our boys were born, and I was anxious to repay her and get my hands on our girl!  So on a Saturday morning, way before the chickens were up, Gigi and Papack took me to Hartsfield and off I went.  

Believe it or not, this was my first time to fly alone, and I really enjoyed it!  I had a layover in Philadelphia and found a huge Lego Liberty Bell in the airport.

 Then I got on one of these for the twenty minute flight over to Newark.  This was my least favorite plane, but I had a really neat conversation with the man seated with me.  He was on his way to Israel leading a team doing a short term missions trip.  

After what seemed like a long day already, Roger met me at the airport and took me home to see Brin.  She had just waked up and was very curious about this lady who looked a lot like her mommy but with short hair.

 While I was there, she had her first bath in her little tub.  I think she liked it!

All snug and dry!

On Sunday, we stayed home most of the day.  Meredith and I did a little baby girl shopping, which was WAY different from what I'm used to!  That afternoon Brin and I snuggled up with a book from the yahoos.  We still read this one several times a day at home.

She was very attentive!

Monday we headed out with the stroller to do a tour of Hoboken.

We walked all over town and made a stop at Carlo's Bakery.  Carlo's is the home of the Cake Boss show on TLC.  We didn't see Buddy, or very much of his bakery.  It was packed!  I grabbed a few shots of the counters from where I was standing, but there were literally people everywhere, so I don't know what all was at the back of the bakery.

It was neat to see, but if Meredith hadn't been with me, I would not have stood in the three hour long line to get inside.  Since she has a Hoboken resident ID, we could skip the line and go in when there was room. 

The girls behind the counter were working as fast as they could, but I'm sure all the tourists make it hard to move very quickly.  I noticed this spool hanging at intervals over the counter.  When they filled an order, they pulled down the string to tie up the box. . .

like this.  I wanted to try a cannoli since they're supposed to be famous for those.  It was pretty good.  The cookie I got was iced in fondant and I did not like it.  But I'm glad we got to go.  Especially since we didn't have to wait!

Here's Brin in her stroller almost ready to go.

The next day we headed out to the Brownstone Diner for breakfast.  Brin did a great job watching us eat!

Blueberry pancakes and bacon.  YUM!

We made a picture of Brin with her lamb the boys picked out for her.  Talk about some people who cannot wait to get their hands on a baby.  Andrew and Coleman are already so excited for her to come at Christmas.  They both light up like a lightning bug when we get a new picture of her.

I flew home super early (I had to be at the airport at 4:30.  Getting a new travel agent next time!)  on Wednesday morning.  Thanks to Nana and Pop-O who came to help Brent over the weekend, and Gigi and Papack who came and got the boys on Sunday afternoon.  They all met me at the top of the stairs when I got home.  They all ran up and hugged me, and Jon Jon said, "Welcome home Mommy!"  over and over.

I was so glad to see my boys!  They took me to The Varsity for a "Welcome Home" lunch. 
As Andrew is fond of saying, "It's good to go places, and it's good to come home." And he is right.   Brin, you are such a sweet girl!  We are so very glad you're part of the family! 

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