Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zoo Atlanta Field Trip

Life around here is busy!  I am getting behind on blogging again, and I'm going a little out of order.  I'll post about the rest of Spring Break hopefully tomorrow.  On Tuesday of Spring Break, we took a field trip to ZooAtlanta.  Brent discovered a wonderful program that Georgia offers its residents through the library system.  The information he found said that if we watched a 25 minute video about the history of ZooAtlanta, we could get four free tickets to the zoo.  This sounded way too good to be true, but too good not to try it.  So Monday afternoon, the boys and I hit the local library, watched the video, and half an hour later, had our free zoo tickets!  We saved almost $100.00, so it was very worth it!

Years ago, a student of mine in Tuscaloosa noted that all zoos have their flamingos as the first exhibit.  Since then, we have been to zoos in several states, and his theory has held true every time.  ZooAtlanta is no exception.

 After the flamingos, we saw the meerkats.

 Here are the boys looking at the giraffes and rhinos.

 We also saw the lions and elephants in this section of the zoo.   Then it was on to the gorilla habitat.  Brent and I each visited the zoo as children, and we remember the Atlanta Zoo very differently.  While Andrew was watching the video at the library, it was like I had stepped back in time.  I clearly remember all the cages and exhibits they showed in the movie.  I also clearly remember Willie B.  For you who are not from Atlanta, Willie B was the resident gorilla back in the 1980s.  His claim to fame was that in his cage (indoors in the gorilla house), he had a TV and a tire swing.  I suppose it was a sad existence for such a creature, but he was the highlight of our zoo trips back then.  Willie B has long since died, and there is a memorial to him near the new habitat (which is wonderful, by the way).  I made the boys' picture with the statue, and then a nice mommy asked if she could take the photo so I'd be included. 

 On this rock is a mommy with a tiny baby gorilla.  It was fun to watch them interact.

 Heading into the reptile house, which was very much like I remembered.

 This was a python, and Coleman cracked me up when he saw it.  It was raising its head along the glass and Coleman turned to me and said, "I do NOT want to fusterate that thing!"

 Tortoises eating lunch

 After the pandas, we ate lunch.  Blogger has updated, and I am having a hard time rearranging the photos the way I want.  So the lunch pictures are in the middle of the petting zoo, which we did right after lunch. 

 After we washed our hands, we got in line for the train.  Here's Jonathan watching the playground area which was next door.

 When we got off the train, we let the boys burn off some energy.

I feel like we can finish Kindergarten now that we have had our trip to the zoo!

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Tina said...

So jealous that you got to see a real panda! That's been on my bucket list since I was a little girl. It will happen one day!